About Us

Who We Are

neoalpha global is owned by Alessandro Ayanian, Creative Designer and Managing Director, who has over 20 years of experience in professional lighting having worked on most project types all around the world from large hotel resorts and masterplans to bars, restaurants, government buildings, corporate offices, stadiums, and private residences.

We pride ourselves in providing innovative lighting designs and using our expertise to create and deliver both energy efficient and technical solutions. We are able to work on projects large and small in any location, bringing life to internal and external spaces by injecting passion and a sense of creative design.

neoalpha global staff comprise a range of backgrounds and skill sets. These vary across the entire spectrum of design from lighting, product design and engineering, to architecture, interior design, engineering of control systems and multimedia content design.

What We Do

What we do is closely related to our philosophy about the impact of light on human experience. Our lighting solutions are premised on an understanding of how light can change the human psyche in terms of wellness which means that it requires exceptional creativity to design and turn sophisticated design ideas into reality.

Studies have evidenced that human behavior is affected by light. The careful understanding of how light can influence human behaviour in that it induces a sense of wellbeing, and an improved emotional state is at the heart of our creative designs. We believe in creating a lighted space that does have to be uniformly lit, but affords an experience in a space that has crescendos. We strongly believe that sometimes it is what you do not light that creates the drama. We try to our best to give a theatrical experience of light to our customers. Chiaroscuro is our motto.

How We Work

Our Process

At neoalpha we believe in 5 core values: Creativity, Innovation, Quality, Passion and Delivery. Our passion to strive above and beyond is our way of life. Specific deliverables vary from project to project, but our design process is often similar. Though there is not a single or finite path to deliver our design, but each process does follow a consistent set of core ideas.

As an industry-approved method of working, and a definitive model for the design and construction of buildings, our process for lighting design is a framework based one. The RIBA Plan of Work.

Although initially aimed at Architects and Contractors is relevant for all consultants in the design sector and provides an excellent basis for all professionals and consultants working on a project. Quality control is an ongoing process throughout all the stages of development.

Post contract support and site supervision are also provided Collaboration, feedback and input from other consultants are key influential factors at all points in the process and this model allows for exactly this. It allows us to ensure that we take on all relevant comments, iterate and develop our designs, and produce better results for a more successful project.

The process encourages collaboration with other consultants and serves to enhance the ideas and develop the overall design.