Architectural Lighting Design

We tend to work closely with various consultants connected throughout different project stages to carefully coordinate all architectural lighting design aspects of a project, especially installation details. Each aspect is designed to reflect the specific elements and mood they promise, from its core values, specific location, intended function, occupancy and any neighbouring spaces. This design and delivery process ensures that we can make initial ground-breaking ideas into reality.

Architectural Lighting Design Research / Pre-Concept

We start each project by developing architectural lighting brief with the client and design team. We aim to create a cohesive design approach by looking at the big picture, defining or redefining the project potential and client requirements and determining how light can enhance the overall experience of the space.

Architectural Lighting Design Concept Stage

Our initial ideas unfold by evaluating the end-users experience and the role that light and darkness can play in enhancing, challenging or shattering end-users expectations and experience of space. These ideas will be further developed in the context of workability, ease of maintenance, build-ability, sustainability, feasibility and cost. They will be refined in terms of the quality and quantity of lights and the effect they have on the overall built environment in the context of their colour, texture, materiality and form.

Architectural Lighting Design and Technical Development

Our conceptual ideas will materialize into detailed technical solutions. We can produce a complete package of drawings, specifications, control philosophy, details and technical engineering studies for architectural lighting control systems. Through mock-ups, simulations and rigorous coordination, we establish a dialogue with design and construction teams to develop a seamless solution for the full integration of lighting technologies in the project.

Tender and Construction

We provide support throughout the project tendering process by evaluating the submittals in order to aid our clients to procure architectural lighting equipment with the correct technical specifications and the highest quality whilst meeting the budget requirements. During the construction stage, we provide site supervision services to ensure any queries are answered accordingly. With the execution of concepts as our main goal, lighting principles will be evaluated as per site progress and limitations to ensure that the core vision of project is achieved.