Fujisan Restaurant

Shahdag, Azerbaijan

Architect: ReardonSmith Architects
Interior Designer: WA International

Located in the breathtaking mountains of Shahdag, Azerbaijan, Autograph Collection’s Pik Palace and Park Chalet offer a pair of luxurious alpine resorts for relaxation, romance and ski getaways.

Surrounded by the towering peaks and stunning scenery of the Shahdag Mountain Ski Resort, our two resorts offer luxurious rooms and suites, spas, wellness centers, meeting and event space and diverse restaurants and bars. Experience the ultimate family holiday, ski getaway or romantic escape in the stunning mountains of Shahdag – the jewel of Azerbaijan.
After a long day in the snow, the sauna, the heated indoor pool, and the spa are perfect places to replenish your energy resources. In the evening, choose between Asian dishes at the Fujisan Restaurant or international specialties in the Alpina Brasserie & Wine Bar.

At neoalpha global, we are proud to showcase our exceptional restaurants/bars/lounges project: Fujisan Restaurant, located in the vibrant city of Shahdag, Azerbaijan. Our team of lighting design experts collaborated to create an innovative and energy-efficient lighting solution tailored specifically for this unique space. Drawing on our extensive experience in lighting design for various project types worldwide, we’ve successfully transformed Fujisan Restaurant into a stunning and functional environment that emphasizes our core values of creativity, innovation, quality, passion, and delivery.

By understanding the impact of light on human experience and utilizing the concept of chiaroscuro, we’ve crafted a one-of-a-kind experience at this Shahdag, Azerbaijan location that showcases the true potential of light in shaping emotional states and overall wellbeing. Collaborating closely with other consultants, our holistic approach to restaurants/bars/lounges lighting design at Fujisan Restaurant demonstrates our commitment to excellence and innovation in creating spaces that leave a lasting impression.

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