The Loft Restaurant

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Located at the top of one of the UAE’s most iconic buildings, The Loft at Dubai Opera is the perfect accompaniment to an evening at the opera – or any of the many spectacular events in Downtown Dubai.

The design pays homage to the unique shape and scale of the Dubai Opera building. Each element within the venue explores ideas of the sea, from the oyster with its combination of smooth and textured surfaces, to oceanic tones and colours.

The menu itself champions the best of modern European cuisine with fresh pastas, fire-grilled wagyu steaks and delicious seafood, promising something to satisfy all tastes. This Downtown destination is more than just a pre-show stop-off, with enticing offers and promotions throughout the year.

neoalpha global is owned by Alessandro Ayanian, Creative Designer and Managing Director, who has over 20 years of experience in professional lighting having worked on most project types all around the world from large hotel resorts and masterplans to bars, restaurants, government buildings, corporate offices, stadiums, and private residences.

What we do is closely related to our philosophy about the impact of light on the human experience. Our lighting design solutions are premised on an understanding of how light can change the human psyche in terms of wellness which means that it requires exceptional creativity to design and turn sophisticated design ideas into reality.

At neoalpha we believe in 5 core values: Creativity, Innovation, Quality, Passion and Delivery. Our passion to strive above and beyond is our way of life. Specific deliverables vary from project to project, but our design process is often similar. Though there is not a single or finite path to deliver our design, each process does follow a consistent set of core ideas.

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