Light that Changes Lives

May 24, 2022 | Journal


With the pandemic situation and the virus mutations that are causing new outbreaks every couple of months, the world is looking for an answer.

neoalpha global, being part of a consortium formed in Singapore, is collaborating with university researchers and scientists on a revolutionary concept which can be implemented to fight against current and future pandemics and help the society to get rid from viral and bacterial propagations.

This innovative technology with germicidal capability for various industry applications, may be the answer that we have been looking for. We are talking about a revolutionary UV-C LED technology that directly prevents airborne-mediated disease transmissions by inactivating the pathogens within a short time from their production.

The current UV-C technology utilizing 254nm which is commercially available, is not safe for humans as any direct radiation can cause eye and skin irritations and could possibly lead to cancer.

The research approach developed by neoalpha global contributes in developing the lighting fixtures by integrating the new UV-C LEDs for all the different industries specifically developed to destroy any kind of bacteria and virus without harming the human beings. With almost infinite possible applications, this may be a life-changing breakthrough for hospitals, offices, laboratories and commercial spaces.

Using the power of light, we will have access to the wireless and automated control of germicidal intensity according to “real time viral load” and we will be able to prevent the spread of Coronavirus and any kind of viral disease.

With the hope of creating bio-safe environments, neoalpha global is committed to making this research a priority for the public benefit.

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