Appreciation Award

Jan 13, 2022 | Journal

In the context of the celebrations for the Year of Fiftieth, the owner and managing director of neoalpha global received the honours and appreciation at the event organised by the office of Her Highness Shaikha Mooza Obaid Suhail Al Maktoum, at the Meydan Hotel in Dubai.

2021 was declared as the “Year of the 50th” by His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, to celebrate the nation’s outstanding milestones for the last 50 years since its formation in 1971, and to embark on its new journey for the coming five decades.

The “Year of the 50th,” which officially begun on 6th April 2021 until 31st of March 2022, is deemed as a historic defining moment that includes year-long activities, initiatives, and major celebrations, headed by the UAE Golden Jubilee Committee.

neoalpha global was among the guests the attended the pleasant evening and received the recognition issued by the UAE Government.

Alessandro Ayanian, Managing Director of neoalpha global, declared: “Dubai and the UAE have been my home for the past 22 years. I have been a careful observer of the wonders and opportunities that this country has been creating for its people. To this day, I get emotional just thinking about how far we have come as a nation”.

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