Choosing a Sustainable Approach

Mar 25, 2022 | Journal

Lighting design is concerned with how people perceive their environment. Working in a medium which remains invisible until it strikes a physical surface, lighting designers must be as concerned with the nature of the surface as with the light which strikes it.

Creativity and innovation must be balanced with simplicity and functionality, and further combined with commercial realities and environmental considerations.

Luminaire specifications are written in detail to ensure all aspects of a product are defined, and any alternatives put forward must be reviewed critically in order to ensure that they meet all aspects of technical and aesthetic performance. As an absolute requirement all light fixtures specified and proposed must ensure that any relevant certifications are available on demand from the manufacturers.

Understanding the relationship between quality and sustainability is crucial to long-term development. neoalpha global can better grasp this connection by using quality management systems, which provide tools to monitor performance against specific criteria. This enables us to discover areas in which we can improve in order to achieve higher levels of quality and, as a result, enhance our overall sustainability.

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