The Ultimate Guide to Event Lighting Design

Feb 16, 2023 | Journal

Adding the right lighting to an event can make all the difference in creating a stunning atmosphere. With this guide, get expert tips on how to choose and use lighting for special events, from parties and weddings to corporate gatherings.

Choose Mesmerizing Colors and Patterns

Create a mesmerizing atmosphere with the right color and pattern. Look for lights that can switch between a variety of colors from bright pop hues to subtle earth tones, as well as dynamic patterns like twinkling stars, shimmery ripples, and more. Take your event to the next level with creative accents such as gobo shadows or venue-spanning washes of colored light.

Consider Indirect Lighting

Indirect lighting is the use of lighting fixtures that point upwards, away from guests and onto walls or other surfaces to create an even spread of light without harsh shadows. To create a more intimate atmosphere at your event, consider using uplighting that illuminates walls and scenery; accent features like plants and artwork; or wall washes of colored light for quick color changes between performances.

Utilize Uplighting and Downlighting

To best utilize uplighting and downlighting, combine the two styles to cover a range of space in your event area. Uplighting is perfect for washing walls and accenting objects while downlighting can be used to light up tables or focal points of interest. This combination creates an even level of lighting throughout the area while also highlighting any features you choose to draw attention to.

Play with Shadow for Dramatic Effects

Cleverly placed shadows can be used to create atmosphere and drama for your event. Uplighting can be used to cast shadows onto a wall for an added layer of effect. You can also use downlighting near walls or other surfaces to create an interesting shape or shadow. By playing with different positions and angles, you can create unique effects that will liven up any event space.

Strategically Place Lights for Best Use of Space

When it comes to event lighting design, placement is key. To get the most out of your lights, be strategic about where you put them. You should place uplighting and downlighting on surfaces and in corners that are easily visible so that everyone can experience the atmosphere and drama you’ve created. Additionally, don’t forget to take into account necessary clearance when deciding where to place your lights!

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